Humanization of Birth

Through BPR’s support of natural birthing we implement our mission to support:

  • Women who believe in, and marvel at, the natural feminine essence and privilege of maternity;
  • Women who believe in unconditional love for their child;
  • Women willing to make a total commitment to the most important responsibility of bringing a child into the world and creating a nurturing family;
  • Woman willing to guide a child in its path, bonding with him since conception and during gestation, helping him on his journey into the exterior world… so that he may find warmth and love that will allow him to love his inner self… so that he may be able to give of himself to others, collaborating for a better world….

The Humanization of Birth movement emphasizes the profound link that exists between our birth practices and the quality of life that our babies will achieve.  Can we reduce violence in our societies by offering less violent births to our children?  Contrary to medical evidence, some health professionals promote aggressive surgical interventions as the best, the safest, and the most comfortable birth options.  However, science now indicates that there are long-term benefits to baby, mother and society when mothers and babies are able to achieve a loving, natural, drug-free childbirth. 

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